How Do You Measure Success? Your AmerenUE Pure Power program dollars in action


There are many Healthy Planet readers who are proud members of the AmerenUE Pure Power program.  This article is aimed at you.  We want you to fully understand that when you participate in the AmerenUE Pure Power program, you are supporting new, renewable energy generation in several different ways.

First, whether you are a 100% participant or purchase a fixed $15 “block” of Pure Power each month, a portion of your monthly premium is dedicated to purchasing Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Last year, all the RECs sold through the Pure Power program were purchased from renewable energy facilities right here in Missouri. This means some of your money helped support the development of new, local renewable energy facilities, which is definitely one key measure of success.

Your monthly premiums are also used to engage people in conversations about renewable energy, which is another measure of success. It’s important for people to understand how renewable energy is made, how much it costs and what its benefits are.

In 2009, the Pure Power program:

• Sponsored booths at over 100 events and talked to an estimated 4500 people about renewable energy.

• Spoke to 32 local schoolroom classes, educating over 1000 youth about renewable energy.

• Spoke over 70 times to local organizations – Rotaries, corporate green teams, Chambers of Commerce. We even spoke to a few gardening groups and church groups, in total touching close to another 2100 Missourians.

A portion of your monthly payments are also used for important outreach efforts such as sending mail to people asking them to participate and purchasing window clings and posters to thank businesses for their support.  These outreach efforts increase participation in the Pure Power program. And of course if more people participate, the program will collect more money, which means more money will flow to renewable energy facilities.

Pure Power customers like you make all of this measurable success possible. And if we don’t already know you, we would love to meet you! Please come out and see us at St. Louis Earth Day in Forest Park on Sunday, April 25. We’ll be in the big AmerenUE tent from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and also out in our own tent in the food area.  We hope to see you there!