Holistic Fitness is 8 Years Old 8 Years of Colonics – Can You Imagine?

By Cindy Caldwell


Blessings to you, our fun and wonderful clients- current and future!  What an amazing time of change we all live in.  Thus, we at Holistic Fitness are even more grateful than ever that we are 1) still in business and 2) still love our business!  It is wonderful to love your work, those you work with and those you work on.  Happy Anniversary to us!

So the changes we are seeing in the world are unprecedented.  What an opportunity to make conscious decisions not to live in fear, but in hope…we have seen change before, and are better for it.  Carolyn Myss says to not use our energy in judging our own (or others) experiences, but to mentally state, “Every experience has the potential to be the best experience I’ve ever had”.

So, how does that relate to you and Holistic Fitness?  Making your own decisions regarding your life is empowering.  It would be easy to feel helpless in light of all that is going on around us, but instead, make the decision to do something good for you and your health.  Don’t wait for a medical problem that will cost you in time, money, and worry…be pro-active by doing something good for you.  Schedule a colonic, a massage, a chiropractic or energy session to improve your health!

Education, research, and experience are all imperative to you making good decisions.  We at Holistic Fitness do our best to share our knowledge and experience with you, to help you make the best decisions for your health.  Too often, “normal” health includes joint pain, high blood pressure, constipation and fatigue.  We are going for “optimum” health, where you can enjoy your family and the activities you love with vigor and vitality!

Each of you have blessed Holistic Fitness by walking in our doors.  We are grateful and give thanks for all the joy, laughter, and healing that we get to experience with you.  To celebrate our 8 years of business, we are offering our membership for $20 off the first month, PLUS $20 off a 1 hour massage (for the month of  April).  Please call and make your appointment now — 314-647-3999.