Happy New Year To All: Time To Make Your Health A Priority

By Rosa Kincaid, M.D.


Happy new year to all!  The season for giving is a special time for me to give thanks to all those who have entrusted me with providing medical care to their family members and other loved ones.   Your confidence in me as your doctor, has inspired me to strive to work even harder in the coming year, in order to provide the best medical care humanly possible and to be a good example of the health care advice I prescribe to my patients.

Now that the “holiday bubble” has burst, we are now left with the task of following through with our New Year’s resolutions.  I must remind those mothers who think only of their children, those fathers who are toiling at work and all the rest of us who are trying to keep our heads above water, that there is nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Regardless to the challenges surrounding our daily lives, we must all take care of ourselves first.  This is a simple reality but is often ignored.

If you have ever been on an airplane, the flight attendant providing the emergency instructions, will always tell you in the event the plane’s cabin should loose pressure and the oxygen masks are deployed, always put your mask on first before you attempt to assist small children or any other passengers. Those instructions were meant to underscore the fact that if you should loose consciousness you will not be in a position to help anyone else.

Without health, you may be an Elizabeth Edwards whose sorrow is at not “being there” to see her children grow, or Richard C. Holbrook, cut short from negotiating peace.  Or you could be Joe Everyperson, one happy soul content at living on Planet Earth, brought down by some disease before his time.

Health and Wellness are not waiting for you to get an insurance card.  As a matter of fact, your insurance card may prove to be an insufficient shield at the time of an attack of hypertension, diabetes or cancer.  It may be giving you a false sense of security.  After all, I’m sure the above mentioned had great insurance, skilled surgeons and residence at top-notch hospitals.  This didn’t save them.

Obtaining health and wellness involves research and study; “unlearning” much of what you think you know and, most of all, trying and committing to something new.  But remember, you must do your homework.

Now is a good time to start doing the things that will heal you, beyond taking pills.  What’s the point of worrying about getting cancer because it runs in your family but you won’t quit smoking, have no time for exercise and have a love of prime rib?  Instead, use that energy positively.  Face your fears and start doing something that will really make a difference.

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