With Heidi Schoen

Healthy Planet Green Living Editor


Welcome back to the GREEN SCENE, where progressive people, places and products aim to enlighten and empower us to live sustainably. Regardless of where our lifestyle is on the green continuum, each one of us can and should take simple steps to improve the state of our local and global environment.

HAPPY EARTH DAY!  Spring is here and time to vote green. The Eastern Missouri Group of the Sierra Club is urging St. Louis County voters to vote “yes” on Proposition A on April 6th. Here’s their summary on this important issue: through a 1/2 cent sales tax increase this measure would raise approximately $75 million per year to restore bus, light rail services and expand Metrolink light rail lines.  Successful passage of this measure would trigger more funds from the City of St. Louis, which has passed a sales tax increase to support Metro that only takes effect when St. Louis County passes a similar measure.

The St. Louis region needs to restore and increase transportation connectivity; this will empower individuals who are dependent on public transportation or others who choose to use environmentally friendly public transportation. With the passage of Prop A other regional players such as St. Charles County will hopefully follow with similar measures to ensure that their citizens have environmentally friendly transportation options.

Let’s renew our commitment this Earth Day to reach out throughout the year to local non profits like the Eastern Missouri Group of the Sierra Club and volunteer one of our most precious resources – time.

Make your environmental voice heard – see you at the polls.

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