Freedom from Allergies, Naturally

By Dr. Hana R. Solomon, M.D.


Allergic Rhinitis is the fifth most common chronic illness in the United States, affecting tens of millions of Americans, resulting in a dramatic loss of productivity and dollars spent. Hay fever causes millions of people to miss work or school each year. Doctors write some forty million prescriptions every year for allergic rhinitis. Most people who purchase non-prescription medications buy them in an attempt to relieve their symptoms from this condition.

If the nose is kept clean, it can function. This year a pediatric ear specialty journal published a study that supported the use of nasal irrigation with hypertonic saline as a preventative approach to ear infections. I have seen in my practice over the years that those who nasal wash regularly are healthier overall. Previous studies have shown that children with allergies who nasal washed not only prevented their allergy symptoms and reduced use of medication, but ultimately the number of secondary bacterial infections they experienced prior to using nasal irrigation.

Additional studies document regular nasal washing will remove 80% of irritants and pollen known as ‘inflammatory mediators.’ When cleaning the nose is done correctly, it will prevent symptoms and reduce the use of medications related to the allergy season.

It is no surprise that with the assault of chemicals, fragrances, pollution, dust and pollen that our nostrils are under enormous stress. Exposure to irritants cause swelling of the membranes and an increase in thick and sticky mucus production, impeding the normal flow of drainage. A pH balanced buffered hypertonic salt solution will wash those irritants out, shrink the swollen membranes, increase the filtering efficiency of the nose hairs and thin secretions. This also allows the tiny sinus openings to drain effectively and naturally. Washing your nose, or personal filter, is as sensible as cleaning any machine filter — it helps the machine work more effectively. The simple technique is easy enough for those as young as 2 years of age appropriate during pregnancy, and is safe, effective and economical.

Be well,

Hana R. Solomon, M.D.

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