Earthworms’ Castings

By Jean Ponzi


Onward! into a New Year


Behold the vast and open space

Of twenty-ought-eleven!

Another cycle’s starting-place

En route to heck or heaven.


It’s time for reinvigoratin’

Values dear that guide my way

And for reconfiguratin’

How I dance the path, each day.


Because some habits, methods, thinking

Tend to leak efficiency

Progress depends on my un-kinking

Modus operandi me.


What needs to change? What should I shift

In how I get from A to Zed?

How can I better use each gift?

And better act from heart, not head?


Do I make a leap dramatic?

Do I, dogged, stumble through?
Should I pilot automatic –

Or just drop my load on you?


If I drive life, super-high way,

I may miss some lovely views-full

If I toddle down a byway (like the tortoise)

Can I still be useful?

I believe it’s simple, really,

Although pace and pep may vary,

If I stay alert and feel-y,

Keep my cool – like January –


I’ll accomplish what I’m here for,

As the human I aspire to be:

Source of strength and cheer for others

And a self who’s fun for me!


Know: No secret formulaic pill,

No elaborate New Year’s plan

Trumps good ole’ day-by-dayic will.

Resolved: to do the best I can,


Grateful to be one who accepts

Both up and downs, the ebb and flow,

To love how small, persistent steps

Take me where I want to go.


Jean Ponzi hosts the enviro-talk show “Earthworms” Mondays 7-8 p.m. on FM-88 KDHX, or catch an archived show at www.kdhx.org.