Detox 101… Cleansing the Liver, Colon, Bladder and Lungs

By Dr. Rosa Kinkaid, MD


I am frequently asked about detoxing.  Not of the level associated with “rehab” facilities, but of the type discussed in the isles of your local health food store, at the yoga studio, or in the latest copy of “Detoxing for Idiots.”  Every other person is an “expert” who will tell you that you need blessed thistle, a colonic and probably some betonite clay.  Once you have these items, you are assured that you are on the right track!

Unlike most M.D.’s, I am thrilled at the body-awareness of those wishing to rid themselves of toxins.   As an expert of diagnosing and treating chronic and acute disease, I am aware of the probability that a person can rid him or herself of and prevent disease by regular, internal cleansing.  Detoxification and repair are holistic terminologies for healing.  So here we will discuss the detox basics.

What is detoxing?  It involves cleansing mainly the liver, colon, bladder, and lungs.  These are the primary organs of elimination but definitely not the only ones.  It is a form of fasting.  It can mean refraining from white sugar, animal flesh or junk foods for a short period of up to seven days.  As you complete this process, these organs are then able to cleanse the blood which then provides increased oxygen to the heart, brain and muscles.  This makes for an optimally functioning organism with a strong immune system.  This allows the body to work as it was designed, as a self-healing organism.

Why detox?  Everything has a season.  In a circadian rhythm we wake, expend energy, take in nutrients and sleep every 24 hours.  Just as we rest ourselves, our organs need time to rest, renew and rejuvenate.  If not given the chance, they start to “misbehave” and give us diabetes, hypertension. depression, etc.

What happens to me when I detox?  Heavy metals, chemicals. Putrefied foods and drugs must enter your blood stream before they can be eliminated.  These substances can be eliminated from any orifice as well as through the skin.  It is not always a pleasant experience.  Old cravings can recur; headaches and skin breakouts may prevail along with feelings of fatigue, nausea and general malaise.  This can last for a day or two.

When should I detox?  Cleansing at the change in seasons or during an “equinox” has physical and spiritual power.  Concentrate on the liver in the Spring, the heart in Summer and the lungs in Fall.  The winter equinox falls on the four days before Christmas.  It is the most difficult time to fast and cleanse but will give the greatest yield over all your other detox episodes.

How do I start? First of all, have a plan.  Do some reading about fasting.  Discuss your plans with an experienced healthcare provider.  Make sure that your condition can withstand a deep cleanse.  If you have not tried a detox before, start slow and simple with a short 24 hour fast.  Continuing taking life-saving medication and make sure you are not taking any natural products that are interfering with your medication.  Since the cleansing process is not always pleasant, make sure you are not working too hard on the day you begin.  You may need to sit and rest for a while during the cleansing process.

What can I expect? You can expect clearer skin, loss of weight, more energy, greater creativity, increased tolerance and a happier outlook on life.  You can read more about fasting and detoxing in my book, “Miracle Self-Healing.” Happy detoxing!!!  Rosa Kincaid, M.D.

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