Cunetto’s Offers Tradition, Gourmet Quality Food, & Family-Friendly Service

By Leah O’Donnell

Healthy Planet Lifestyles Editor


When I think of authentic Italian food in St. Louis, I automatically think of “The Hill”.  This well deserved association comes from my regular visits to Cunetto House of Pasta.  It is located in the heart of the Italian established neighborhood in St. Louis, known as “The Hill” at 5453 Magnolia.  From the minute I walk in, the aroma of true Italian sauces overtakes me and I can hardly wait to begin deciding which entre I will choose.  It is the perfect place for a lunch with friends or dinner date.  I personally have enjoyed several anniversary dinners here and we always leave feeling like we were treated like family.

Cunetto House of Pasta, known as Cunetto’s, opened in 1974 by brothers, Vince and Joe Cunetto.  The traditional Italian recipes have remained the same since the beginning, although now the restaurant is run by Vince’s son Frank Cunetto.  The family-owned business provides the personal service you just don’t get at chain restaurants.  On my visit I heard Frank welcome people as they came through the door and thank others as they left.  It is refreshing to know that still exists in this day and age.

When it comes to the food at Cunetto’s, you will not be disappointed.  Frank told me, “We strive to offer gourmet, quality food at reasonable prices.”  They do that extremely well here.  Cunetto’s menu consists of over eighty different items to choose from with many being original family recipes.  I have tried several selections and of course have a few of my favorites.  I highly recommend the Insalata Cunetto, also known as the house salad that comes with their homemade dressing to start.  This is a true Italian salad that always makes me wish it won’t come to an end.   For the main dish, I recently enjoyed a “special of the day” called the Seafood Ravioli.  This dish, available only on Wednesdays, includes ravioli stuffed with lobster, shrimp, and scallops with a sauce made of sauted butter, olive oil, and garlic, topped with fresh parmesan cheese.  This dish is worth arranging your plans to go to Cunetto’s on a Wednesday.  The light sauce on the Seafood Ravioli combined with the generous portions of seafood in each bite make this dish a mouth watering treat.  The parmesan cheese on top is the perfect companion to the sauce.  An entre not to be missed! Specials are available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with the ones being offered each week remaining the same for years.

The daily menu has plenty to offer as well.  One of my favorites that you can order anytime is the Spaghetti con Melanzane, otherwise known as spaghetti with eggplant sauce.  The homemade sauce with fresh eggplant and tomatoes has an amazing flavor and is a great choice for a healthy, vegetarian meal.  There is also a full selection of no cholesterol pastas and Cunetto’s is willing to accommodate special diet needs.

Frank Cunetto wants each customer to have a great meal and experience, and he is at the restaurant every day to ensure that.   If a customer has a concern or need, he will remedy it right then.  The service, cuisine, atmosphere, and staff are superior at Cunetto House of Pasta.  Don’t just take my word for it, try it yourself!  This is Italian food — how it is supposed to be.

Check out Cunetto House of Pasta online at www.cunetto.com, stop in at 5453 Magnolia, St. Louis, MO 63139, or give them a call at 314-781-1135.  You will be glad you did.