23 The Symphony of Living

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta, Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Knowing every decision that we will make in life simply strips away the beauty of spontaneity, an essential element that vibrates our soul due to the unpredictability. There may be moments where we will yearn for foresight to dictate the path that we should follow, but this reduces life to a series of predetermined choices that robs us of the essence of living.

Life transcends the simplistic notions of “right” and “wrong” decisions and rather we are forced into a position to embrace life’s complexities in order to survive, including the inevitable trials and tribulations that shape us. However, it is crucial to not allow these challenges to dictate our future decisions as this will impact our ability to feel.

To survive and live we need to eventually accept that life is made up of tragedies and moments of happiness. No matter the decisions we make in our life, we are bound to experience sorrow and rather it is essential to understand to just simply live despite it all.

When we allow the doors of our hearts to shut this causes us to be consumed and trapped within the confinements of the complexities of our mind that attempt to calculate the “right” decisions to make to merely avoid decisions that could lead to anguish.

Life is like a symphony as it is composed by a variety of melodies based on our experiences and emotions where these elements intertwine to form the intricate composition of our lives. Our musical composition is anchored by life’s musical keys that should be embraced, even the experiences that resonate with dissonance or produce off-key notes, like the complex tones of a musical instrument.

Our life resembles a musical instrument in its complexity; as we strive to master its intricacies, we encounter challenges akin to learning to play it correctly. However, like an instrument meant to be played, life is meant to be experienced. It is the vibration of life’s notes that we discover how to be alive.