07 Focus on Health and Well-Being this Father’s Day

Father’s Day provides a special opportunity to honor the important men in our lives with a relaxing day at Vitality Unlimited Spa. The demands of work, physical activity, summer weather, and daily stress can significantly impact overall health and well-being. A day at our spa offers dads a peaceful retreat to relax, rejuvenate, and recharge mentally and physically.

Give the Gift of Relaxation at Vitality Unlimited Spa

Therapeutic Massage
Deep Tissue Massage helps relieve muscle tension and enhances circulation — ideal for dads dealing with daily stress or who enjoy a more intense massage experience. For athletic dads, our Sports Massage helps remove lactic acid buildup, speeds up injury recovery, boosts performance, and increases flexibility.

This holistic treatment applies gentle pressure to specific points on the feet and hands, stimulating nerves linked to body systems, enhancing energy flow, improving function, promoting healing, and reducing stress.

Skin Care
Our Men’s Essential Facial is tailored to men’s unique skincare needs. It is hydrating and purifying, leaving skin refreshed and invigorated. This treatment caters to men’s thicker skin with exfoliation and a soothing mask that balances and renews.

Nail Treatments
Regular manicures and pedicures address the rough, calloused skin on men’s hands and feet from physical activity and environmental exposure, promoting healthy nail growth and soothing discomfort. Technicians also screen for health issues like fungal infections.

Celebrate Dad at Home

  • Breakfast in Bed – Start the day with his favorite meal served right in bed.
  • At Home Spa Day – Create a relaxing spa experience at home with essential oils, calming music, and skincare treatments, including a homemade face mask or massage.
  • Movie Marathon – Set up an entire evening of his favorite films, complete with popcorn, snacks, and a cozy arrangement of blankets and pillows.
  • Outdoor Activity – Head to the park to play catch, or plan a scenic hike or bike ride, or visit his favorite fishing spot.
  • Virtual Family Gathering – Host a virtual get-together with family to ensure he feels loved from afar.
  • Memory Lane – Compile a slideshow or photo album of cherished memories to share and revisit together.

A spa day at Vitality Unlimited Spa allows dad to unwind in a tranquil setting and demonstrates how much his well-being is valued. Spa and Wellness Products and Gift Cards make perfect gifts and may be purchased at the spa or online at VitalityUnlimitedSpa.com. To schedule an appointment, call 314.968.1808.