05 What constitutes freedom? What does it mean to be free and live free? 

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

So what is freedom? The full moon of Scorpio is an opportunity to bring to light all that lies in darkness; hence the full light of the sun to guide us. The two planets touching each other, Jupiter and Uranus, infuse in us the influence of expansion and faith and sudden change and radical, innovative thinking that resonates with our own individual selves. We could say it offers the influence of radical individuation. 

And here I am talking about freedom and change. What if every person across the globe is talking about this. I believe and also try to turn pain into understanding, love and empathy for others. I, we all, know what pain is. What if we extend our empathy to others. Can we do this without giving away our own agency? Can we use our understanding of others to understand our parts in giving away parts of ourselves to others? Isn’t that part of what being a slave is? And now currently in this world the Jewish peoples are seeing a ramping up of violence, anger, lack of understanding of the other, and a resurgence of antisemitism. 

I see this period we are going through as a time to look at what freedom is for us and how that plays into taking account of ourselves and being true to ourselves. This is a time for true integrity and living in alignment with who we are, each of us individually. At the time of the holocaust the Jewish people and others lost their integrity. They lost all of their rights and dignity and even lives. How could we have retained our agency? How can we walk our line of self and boundary and stand up for ourselves and not give up and give in and follow along, and not keep our heads in the sand and think that it can’t happen to us, or even think that there is no point, and so give up? We have done that before.

And on the other end; how can we find the line and stand up for ourselves and have our strong boundary without crossing the line into extreme violence as is going on in Israel and other parts of the world right now? 

I don’t have any answers. What I think is that integrity is absolutely necessary. I don’t mean just being honest. I mean being in total alignment to us individually and being true to ourselves.

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