04 Patient’s Story on Lung Cancer Treatment

Dr Simon Yu

By Simon Yu MD

This story was written by the husband of a patient of mine, who asked that I share it:

“In April of 2022, my never-smoking wife had a 2.9 cm x 3.9 cm mass in her left lung imaged by a PET Scan. The mass was described by the radiology MD as highly metabolically active, with a glucose uptake value of 27.6 and likely a malignant carcinoma (Cancer). Her lungs also had a number of lymph nodes “lighting up”. The mass was determined to be inoperable by a thoracic surgeon.

My wife underwent no conventional treatment, having no biopsy, surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation whatsoever. She chose instead to work with an internal MD and an integrative oncologist in our area, using natural therapies such as high-dose IV vitamin C, among many other therapies for detoxification and strengthening the immune system.

I am writing this review for internal MD Simon Yu, and his Prevention and Healing Practice in St. Louis, Missouri. My wife and I, at the suggestion of her doctors, made four trips to see Dr. Yu. We believe Dr. Yu was instrumental in her healing.

Dr. Simon Yu identified some small mercury fillings my wife did not realize she had. Dr. Yu treated my wife for both parasites and fungus. Through her experience, we learned that lung masses are often misdiagnosed as lung cancer; and parasites, fungus, and cancer are often present in the same mass. This can create an overwhelming burden on the immune system, making it harder for the body to deal with the cancer. With Dr. Yu’s protocol, approved and welcomed by her local doctors, her parasitical and fungal infections were resolved. We believe her body’s immune system was then able to attack and destroy the inoperable mass in her left lung, using no chemotherapy or radiation. Her local doctors were also treating her at the same time she was undergoing Dr. Yu’s protocol.

In July of 2023, my wife had a follow-up PET Scan. The radiology MD now described the previous mass as having been completely “resolved”. Because she had received no chemotherapy or radiation, the radiology MD commented the mass was most likely “non-malignant”. We are not sure if we agree with this, however we are very thankful her mass was resolved.

On our first visit with Dr. Yu in St. Louis, quite by chance or otherwise, I met an 80-year-old gentleman who had eight years previous been diagnosed, via a biopsy, with stage-4 inoperable lung cancer. He was given 18 months to live. He was treated by Dr. Yu and is still alive and well, now 10 years later. He also had several mercury-filled molars extracted as part of his recommended protocol.

I cannot get into as much detail as I would like to in this review. However, in May of 2022 my wife and I were praying and searching for answers, direction, and truth. We believe God led us to Dr. Simon Yu, along with her local doctors, as we had decided not to get any conventional cancer treatment whatsoever, including a recommended biopsy to “see what the mass was to prescribe the best treatment available”.

My wife and I highly recommend Dr. Simon Yu and his Prevention and Healing practice. I believe both his books will give you some hope and encouragement.

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