Recycling 101: Bagging it

By Steve Davies,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Photo: Caesar the cat and reusable bags

So, like I always do each month before I write my next column, I like to go back to see where I’ve been and as usual, I’ve seen the road signs. Last month I talked about reusing what we have at our house and how I took the holidays as a time to give away many of my kid’s old toys to give them the chance to have a new life with other families.

 Well, I realized the other day that we all have something that we can reuse, something that will give us the chance to reduce what many of us use on a regular basis, those plastic bags, be it at the local grocery store, hardware store or department store.

If I look back at all the bags I have around our house that I use when we go shopping, I think my oldest one is probably ten years old, one I use when I go grocery shopping at our local Whole Foods. Now though, you can easily find them at most grocery, hardware and department stores.

These days, I would say it’s safe to say that I have several of those reusable bags, including that old one. In fact, I’ve also got a cloth bag that I got from a friend of mine halfway around the world in Thessaloniki, Greece and is the one that I use today for my lunches I take to work. Of course, our cat Ceaser, also likes to use them when we’re not out shopping or I’m not at work.

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