Fleeting Connections

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

My heart jolts from the recollection of visualizing the life we once shared, as you were once a stranger that turned into a familiar face, and my lips would turn upwards towards the clouds when I would see you.

At the same time that very heart would throb from your jabs that would pierce through its veins. The veins rupturing and attempting desperately to reform its roots into the grounds within my heart.

I allowed the stems of my veins to be ripped out of my soul since I believed that I was going to share my existence with you until I was no longer breathing the same air as you, but you ripped out every stem that upheld the person I was, and then you disappeared with the boundlessness of the wind…

Breezes from the wind remind me of the vast capabilities that the wind has to strip away anything within my sight, but I did not expect it to rip you away from me.

Although I do admit I had hoped to be whisked away by the wind, thinking it would lead me back to you, but the wind never took me away.

Rather the wind that runs through my fingertips like a gentle feather does not act without a conscience, and rather decides what to take with it, whether it is understood at time or not.

At times my brain would merely replay memories of the time we shared, as I desperately wanted to at least recall the color of your eyes, but yet I could not understand why the wind took you away so suddenly and I have not seen you since.

Despite living within the same vicinity of one another…

Now my veins have become tender once more as the seeds left from my broken stems are planted again, building stronger roots that wrap around my heart, and the wind brushes the soil where the seeds live. In this I realize that the wind was merely redirecting my life’s walkway by reclaiming the direction I walked, which does not include you.

No matter how close we may live on the world’s surface the wind will never push you to me, or me to you again, as you are no longer a piece that fits into my path, and I am accepting that you are now once again a stranger.