Know When To Pour Water

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

When we look into the mirror we are met with our reflection staring back at us, an image of our inner-self and identity, but this image is not always mirrored in the perspectives of others that are around us. Despite our efforts to show the world our true inner-selves and what we have to offer it is not always received, and our qualities at times are dismissed by others with no regard.

At times we strive to live as authentically as we can and we pour ourselves into the crevices of the ground wanting to change the world through the bounds of our heart, but sometimes the world fails to appreciate our essence where you never truly understand who you are to others until they show you through their actions.

Even with our sincerest efforts to show the love that lives inside us there are times where people fail to see us in our entirety, and we often believe that if we just give a little bit more of ourselves then eventually people will see us and appreciate us for everything that we are, but in reality this is not always the case and the more of our heart that we pour out does not guarantee that our heart will be seen.

When we do return to see ourselves in front of a mirror we may see a crack in the image reflection that we once adored and appreciated causing us to wonder what imperfection plagues our soul despite all our efforts.

Amidst life’s uncertainties and non-guarantees, remember to allow the rain that may fall from your heart to be a home where flowers bloom that are fertilized by your love as your essence still has a place in this world that will be appreciated, but not always by all.

To be able to navigate an uncertain world we need to know when to pour our heart and when to stop over-watering the ground we walk on. It is essential that we reserve the depths of our emotions for those who genuinely appreciate us because that sets the foundation for genuine connections, as giving your heart to others should be a deliberate act, reserved only for those who mirror your sincerity and embrace you for who you are.