Inspirations for Life! GROW!

By Deb Powell,
Healthy Planet columnist

It’s spring! We’re at the end of winter and our bodies are crying for warmer weather. Spring is the time we start switching more cooked foods for raw, as they cleanse, rejuvenate, and makes us feel lighter and more energetic.

We’re also thinking about being outside more to be doing things like gardening, swimming, relaxing, walking, bike riding, hiking, and camping. Local farmers’ markets will be opening soon and our own gardens will be coming to life.

What goals or plans have you set? Are you thinking more positively? Being a better person? Taking care of your health more? Losing weight? Learning to paint, or playing music? Whatever it is, I’m so glad you’ve started something! If not, I encourage you to do what you desire, so you can love yourself into doing something that makes you happy.

Taking one day at time and trusting things will work out is how I live. I don’t worry or get stressed, as that makes us sick. Deep breathing calms us. If we panic, we can’t think straight, we get frustrated, then angry. This sends us on a downward spiral.

I read something shocking. Do you read labels? Did you know that one 16oz/500ml bottle of root beer has 60 grams of sugar, and 60 g of carbohydrates. That equals 120grams, because carbs turn to sugar in our bodies. That’s like drinking 30 teaspoons of sugar in one ‘personal’ sized bottle. WOW!!! Be careful out there, read labels, and protect yourself. Sugar and gluten are disguised with many fancy names.

My health journey is about the same. Spring is here, lots to do, and soon delicious fresh greens to eat. Enjoy! ☺

The art group is growing! Five of us now love our weekly day out. We’re having fun, learning, encouraging, and supporting each other. Just like this pretty little plant braved the elements, we grow strong when we’re in a garden of other beautiful lives. I took this picture on Mar 12, in Ontario, Canada. We usually have three feet of snow still. I wonder if it will survive a spring snow storm?

Remember, a healthy planet starts with us!

Join me next month in my journey and for more inspiration!

For questions and feedback: debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you! ☺