Founder’s Forum: Honoring Mother Earth

JB Lester The Healthy Planet Founder

By J.B. Lester

The Healthy Planet magazine first appeared to the public at the Earth Day Festival in 1997 in Tower Grove Park. Needless to say, it was well received and now 27 years later, THP is still the popular voice for health, wellness and green living in the St. Louis area. 

April is a time for the St. Louis Earth Day Festival in Forest Park and for all of us to find a way to honor Mother Earth. Here is a short list of some of the reasons I love this planet and what it has meant to me and my family. Thank you Mother Earth for:

The bounty your soil offers us from our garden beds. 

The seasons that inspire our changing moods.

The green grass I lay in to watch the clouds artfully morph.

The Rocky Mountain trail to the Long’s Peak boulder field we hiked.

The ocean waves and breezes that bring us peace of mind on holiday.

 The hardwood forests we walk to return to where once we belonged.

The beauty of rural England and France where once I biked with a friend.

The birds and butterflies that inspire bards and artists.

The Northern Lights I enjoyed from summer camp in Vermont.

Your cleansing rain that washes away drought & despair.

Your gentle wind that lifts a kite and the spirits of a child.

Your winter snow that blankets us at times of rest and restoration.

The slopes of Beaver Creek where I proposed to my wife Niki.

The green space you provide for escape from our concrete jungle.

The view you give us of the stars, planets, and universe of endless wonder.

The Ozark rivers we floated as a family with my dad Chuck at the stern.

The storms that remind us that nature has its moods.

The varied landscapes you offer for sport and recreation.

The different cultures I have encountered on my travels.

Your land which American Indians say, no one can claim ownership.

The boulders we climbed on as children at Chimney Rock and learned about lizards. 

 Your trees that provide us shade, food, building materials and oxygen rich air.

 Your animals that offer us pets and many species to share our habitat.

 Your raw materials which we have unsustainably borrowed.

Your patience as we learn how to leave you clean and safe for future generations.

What are some of your reasons for loving Mother Earth this Earth Day and every day. Make a list of your own and you will be surprised at how much we owe to this planet for offering us so much pleasure and joy in our lifetimes. Happy Earth Day! (Every Day).