Inspirations for Life! CREATE!

By Deb Powell,
Healthy Planet columnist

It’s March! Spring starts on the 19th! We made it through another winter! ☺

Spring is a great time to create new beginnings! Start new adventures, new habits, gardens, hobbies, get into shape, spring clean, learn, plan activities and vacations… Create something! It’s good for the mind, and you’ll feel productive and worthy. ☺

What do you want to do or be? What goals can or have you set? Are you reaching them? Have you connected like I talked about last month? If not, do it now. We don’t ever have to be alone.

I love walking in the bush, and there I’m reminded of how much we need to be in nature. Everybody needs a bush! 😉 It makes me feel alive, creative, and in touch with our world. I love to see the wonders and beauty of it. Walk, climb, breathe, smell, touch, feel, sit, observe, listen… Everyone needs this to be healthy and happy, along with good food, water, rest, and fun.

Life is short! If you’re putting off your dreams until the ‘right time’, DON’T!!!

Looking after ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually is our job. We have to do it daily. Without our health, we have nothing! I don’t remember as a child hearing or thinking “when I grow up I want to be sad, poor, depressed, fat, lonely, or sick.” But how many people do we see today that are one or more of these.

The sunrise in my painting says ‘it’s a new day’.Please go after your hearts desires. Who knows, you may discover something you LOVE to do!

The painting group I started still consists of one other person so far, but others are joining soon. I wasn’t discouraged by this, because I know things can take time to get going. I’ve enjoyed painting with Donna, and it’s stirred up my creativity, making me want to write more again also.

Still feeling great but I had a setback, wasn’t eating right and I gained five pounds, but I’m back on track! Don’t ever give up!

Remember, a healthy planet starts with us!

Join me next month in my journey and for more inspiration!

For questions and feedback: debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you! ☺