Publisher’s Corner

Susan Hunt-Bradford

Welcome spring, the season of renewal

Even though STL winter wasn’t as cold and snowy as winter’s past, most of us still welcome spring. The longer days and increased sunlight trigger the body’s production of serotonin, which promotes a sense of well-being and can help reduce stress. Warmer weather encourages outdoor activities, which can connect us with nature. Fresh produce becomes abundant in spring, which supports our overall health.

The beauty of blossoming, colorful flowers, and budding trees helps to elevate mood. Across cultures and traditions, spring has long been celebrated as a time of spiritual rebirth, symbolizing the cyclical nature of life. Rituals such as spring cleaning offer opportunities to clear away physical and sometimes emotional clutter to make space for fresh energy and positive intentions.

I look forward to decluttering every year. Spring is a great time to donate items that no longer fulfill us.

Spring emerges as a shining thread combining light, warmth, and growth to create a triumph of healing and renewal. Spring offers restorative powers that resonate deeply within us.

March in St. Louis is a transformative month with the appeal of spending more time outside to celebrate the beauty of our region. The effects of spring on our mind and body are side effects that we truly can embrace. “Spring forward” will add more daylight, making my dogs happy because they know that longer walks will soon be the norm again.

Susan Hunt-Bradford, publisher