The Eating Habits of Centenarians

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

Centenarians have been interviewed about what they attribute their long lives to. There are many factors, and one important factor is their eating whole foods.

They grew up on veggies from their garden and they may not always eat well, but generally they eat whole foods. This means they don’t eat much food from a box or fast food. They eat real meat, real cheese, fresh vegetables, grains such as rice and beans and whole breads, not breads like wonder bread. Another factor is that they tend not to overeat. They recognize the importance of self-care of getting sleep, socializing, and enjoying life as well.

In today’s world there are so many temptations of fast-food places, quick and easy processed foods filled with salt and sugar and anything to make us crave those items. 

It can be easy to buy whole foods and spend a little time planning and cooking. It takes thought and a different orientation towards food. 

How we feel is directly related to what we put in our bodies. Try eating real food for a week, without chips, cookies, ice cream, and boxed food and see how you feel. It can be a great experiment for you in this new year. 

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