Metabolic Therapy for Cancer, Theory and Practice: Keys to Longevity – What Can Sabotage a Ketogenic Diet?

Dr Simon Yu

By Simon Yu MD

Metabolic therapy is an important part of overall cancer therapy but not a cure for all cancers. Previously, I covered Thomas Seyfried, PhD and Dr. Otto Warburg’s work on cancer from the point of view of the human body as a matrix of meridians; we can measure the immeasurable and invisible acupuncture meridians as described in several of my articles. Seyfried proposes a calorie-restricted Ketogenic Diet (KD) for cancer therapy. Here are a few important tips:

  • A) There is no one simple cause and solution to cancer or chronic illness. A combination of factors is in play; each must be addressed in sequence. I use acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) to help determine the underlying causes in each patient and how to address them. Today’s medicine overlooks the role of several vital factors in chronic disease and cancer: parasite infections, fungal infections, dental problems, chemical exposures, and heavy metals. The greatest resistance among patients is reluctance to follow my dental recommendations, for a combination of cost and psychological factors. In addition, dental, parasite and fungal infections impact the gut and microbiome, and can complicate diet and nutrition strategies. They can make you crave sugar, sabotaging a ketogenic diet.
  • B) You will not get well using one therapy alone, whether it is standard of care surgery, chemo and radiation, diet, dental procedures, detoxification, prescription drugs, supplements, homeopathy, mind-body, or electrical devices. In some cases, the standard of care can be curative or needed as a last resort. Diet and nutrition alone will not succeed in cancer and chronic illness; they must be addressed in combination with other key factors to restore a healthy biological terrain and immune system.

I have been getting a steady request for consultations from Dr. Seyfried’s blog and online referrals, There are also helpful materials on the website of Alicia Halakas, PA, who collaborates with him. I simply cannot handle email requests for guidance and consultations without seeing patients. My evaluation consists of a hands-on evaluation including acupuncture meridian assessment (AMA) to map out disturbances in the energy flow through the meridians. My focus has been detecting two main factors that conventional academic medicine has overlooked for many years: parasite-fungal infections and dental problems driving hidden chronic inflammation. I give ten recommendations in the full article on my website, “Metabolic Therapy for Cancer, Theory and Practice.”  

All chronic diseases, cancer and neurological diseases may benefit from a modified ketogenic diet. Inflammation will improve and weight loss is expected, resulting in better management of diabetic or obese patients. It is not easy to follow a strict diet for prolonged periods, it is a good start to stabilize your metabolic state and support mitochondrial function. Consider a food allergy rotation diet and hair tissue mineral analysis for metabolic typing and vitamin and mineral replacements. For a successful ketogenic diet, you need family support and commitment to change. Don’t be discouraged; find a good dietitian/nutritionist to guide you. You may want to start with parasite-fungal meds and have an easier time lowering your glucose level. If you are interested in my approach, review my website, make an appointment, and see me in person. It is essential to my clinical evaluation and recommendations. I do not do teleconferences or telemedicine and cannot respond to individual emails or general questions. I offer a free monthly seminar the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm, call to verify the date.

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