2024 Perennial Plant Association Perennial Plant of the Year

Jeana Phlox

Best Performer In Top Field Trial “…attracted more butterflies than any other garden phlox…”

Jeana Phlox brings months of beautiful color and excellent disease resistance. Its many sweetly fragrant flower heads are made of hundreds of petals in lovely shades of rosy pink. At a recent field trial at the world-renowned Mt. Cuba Center in Delaware, Jeana received a perfect 5-star rating, the only Phlox out of 66 to win the top score. According to the observers of the trial:

Without a doubt, the best-performing Phlox from the trial. Jeana, in particular, stood out for its exceptionally mildew-free foliage. This trait carries through to the garden and is one of the main reasons Jeana performed as well in the trial. It produces an impressive floral display from mid-July through early September. Interestingly, the individual flowers, or pips, are much smaller than any other garden phlox. However, that does not deter the butterflies that feed on its nectar. In fact, we found Jeana attracted more butterflies than any other garden phlox in the entire trial. Phlox Jeana is hard to beat, with a top rank in both horticultural and ecological evaluations.

This plant is for you if you love Phlox but have steered away from them due to their finicky behavior. It works beautifully in cottage gardens, mass plantings, and containers. Its exceptional flowers are outstandingly cut and delightfully fragrant—a favorite of Swallowtail butterflies, Skippers, Sphinx months, Hummingbirds moths, hummingbird and other butterflies. Cut plants back hard to about 6″ for rebloom. Blue By You Meadow Sage, Salvia, has won the prestigious 2024 Perennial of the Year Award from the Perennial Plant Association. The Perennial Plant Association comprises growers, retailers, landscape designers and contractors, educators, and others who are professionally involved in the herbaceous perennial industry.

Plant in full sun to light shade in soil that has been amended with organic matter. Keep well-watered, especially when plants are blooming and setting up buds. Apply an all-purpose fertilizer following the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Find Jeana Phlox and other perennials at Sugar Creek Gardens plant nursery in Kirkwood or visit their website for more information. www.sugarcreekgardens.com

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