A Buzz-Worthy Plant

Colocasia Redemption

By Ann Lapides

Here’s a plant that has created considerable buzz in the plant world. Redemption Elephant Ears, Colocasia, has many talking about its stunning foliage. In spring, rippled, shiny green leaves emerge and quickly turn jet-black. As the leaves mature, a neon-pink center blotch forms with veins, growing larger and radiating outward like a starburst. The rich pink gets even more vibrant in the heat. Redemption Elephant Ears’ long dark stems can grow 4-6′ tall. Plants mature into attractive clumps.

Use Redemption Elephant Ears in containers and the garden; anywhere an exotic show is welcome. It looks fantastic in mass plantings and near the water’s edge around pools, fountains, and ponds. It makes a tremendous partner to other seasonal plants.

Redemption Elephant Ears makes a fun houseplant.

Indoors give it bright light, with consistent moisture, allowing the plant to dry out between watering.

Outdoors Redemption Elephant Ear can be treated as an annual or dug up and stored above freezing for the following season.

Growing instructions: plant Redemption Elephant Ears in full sun to part shade in soil that has been amended with compost or other organic matter. Keep the plant consistently moist. Plants produce prodigious growth and benefit from regular fertilization. In St. Louis, its tuber can be planted in the ground in mid-spring after the last frost date (in St. Louis, April 15). 

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