Dealing with Loss

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

We all experience loss. Loss can be much more than the loss of a loved one, and a pet. Loss takes many forms. Any time we let go of something or someone, an old story, a friend or helper that has served their purpose in our lives, a house we loved, and even foods we have loved, we experience loss. We all deal with such losses differently. We cry, we feel defended, we feel scared, we feel anxious, we work out, we stay busy to not have to be with those feelings, etc.

Have you ever thought of taking the time and feeling where you experience that loss in your body? When someone tells you goodbye for the last time, when you decide to give up sugar, for example, where do you feel that experience in your body? For me, I feel it in my gut. Others feel it elsewhere. Take a minute and determine where you feel those feelings that are alive inside of you. What is that body part telling you? Start by finding out more about that feeling. Is it deep, is it dark, is it shallow, does it move, is it contractive, is it sharp, is it expansive, is it achy? Does it tingle, is it throbbing? Now ask, is there a message in these feelings? What comes up for you, a story, a memory, a part of you feeling not good enough, or feels empty, or feels a gap that feels overwhelming? These are just a few examples to give you ideas as to the types of messages that might come to you. These messages hold a key to your unconscious and to understanding yourself better. 

Next time you’re dealing with some type of loss, take a few minutes and try this exercise. If you would like some help in working this way and with your feelings, reach out for a session.

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These can be difficult feelings to untangle alone.

Gail Cloud, D.C.
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