What is Clinical Hypnotherapy?

By Helen Boland

Modern Clinical Hypnotherapy is founded in our ancient alchemical healing traditions. Clinical Hypnotherapy offers natural, Client Led access, into our own subconscious mind that runs ALL patterns of behavior, health, and even personality! By consciously activating the parasympathetic system, the state of us at rest, or our “healing state,” we discover our overview of patterns held from early childhood development. We witness lessons from within our early primary attachments. Through our brilliant neural plasticity, new pathways of strength, health, and vitality are discovered, and held, as our ‘new’ template. We help naturally rediscover, ‘Highest Self.’ Through Clinical Hypnotherapy, we easily access the wisdom of our subconscious mind held within our own belief systems. By naturally ‘opening the doors of perception,’ Clients’ highest goals of balance, abundance, health, and joy are observed and attained.

WHAT ARE MODERN APPLICATIONS OF HYPNOTHERAPY? The modern uses of Clinical Hypnotherapy are Abundant and Profound: Release habits, fears, anxiety, and phobias; Gain Confidence; Test Prep and Memory; Weight Control; Pain Relief: General and Acute; Surgery Prep and Avoidance, and Anesthesiology; Oncology; Autoimmune DisOrders; Personality DisOrders; Dental; Anesthesia; Allergies; Fertility and Birthing; Relationships and Communication; Pediatrics; End of life care and All Transitions; Business Sales and Board Room Goals; Supplemental healthcare, and deep Spiritual Connections. We teach each Client Self-Hypnosis each session for self-empowerment.

 WHAT TO EXPECT IN YOUR SESSION? All sessions are Client Led. Hypnotherapy Sessions are “bliss” (SA). Most Sessions are 60-90 minutes and NO, we don’t waste our time in chicken walks, or silly stage acts. We use hypnosis to help you resolve your ‘big stuff.’ You come in and tell us what you want to achieve or receive. You lead the direction of your sessions. We are your fluent Guide through the realm of the unconscious mind to help you meet your goals. We teach Self Hypnosis EACH session for our Clients’ continued empowerment, self-confidence, and success.

 BOOK A SESSION! OR BEGIN YOUR CAREER! Boland School of Hypnotherapy is an Official Accreditation School for the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Established in 1970, we are the oldest and largest accrediting body in the field of Clinical Hypnotherapy. Become a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a CHT, to begin your new, abundant, exciting career teaching the young and the old, to utilize their mind for their highest good.

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