Breaking Free From Our Realm of Comfort

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

We tend to build our comfort zone based on the experiences and environment that we are accustomed to, but at times we create a realm of comfort that is built off our misery.

What tends to happen when we endure a high amount of trauma is that our pain from those experiences becomes a sense of comfort for us because we are unaware of anything that is outside of those experiences.

Finding comfort in our anguish makes us prone to continuing the cycle of abuse because it teaches us to accept abuse.

By accepting this cycle as our reality we become bound to this eternal loop and if not broken it causes our heart to crave for suffering. Our heart at times can blindly seek suffering because the heart starts to believe that there is nothing in life for it to experience, but the pain of having to suffer.

Trauma does not have to be an infinite cycle, or a shadow that follows us and taunts us by being a constant reminder of our past. Rather trauma can be the ground to start the path for personal growth even if that means not being the same person we once were. On this journey we are bound to discover a new realm of comfort within ourselves through shedding the skin of our former selves and finding the beauty within our resilience and becoming a refreshed, authentic version of ourselves.

Life is not an experience that can be lived without its share of tragedies, but it is essential to note to never let those tragedies become a comfort zone as it will only lead to greater suffering.

There will be moments where the heart could have a desire for suffering, yet within your power you have the ability to show your heart harmony, and it is a sanctuary that lies within your essence.