Inspirations for Life! CONNECT!

By Deb Powell,
Healthy Planet columnist

Winter is loved, and hated! It can be difficult for many people, especially where the weather gets very cold… but no matter where we live, we shouldn’t shut ourselves in just because it’s cold out. Looking after our health is important, and especially if we live alone, or can’t get out much. We need to be in touch with friends, family, and neighbors, because having someone to be accountable to is crucial.

Being alone doesn’t mean being lonely.

There are lots of simple ways we can stay connected and healthy. We can visit on the phone, invite a neighbor in, volunteer, help someone, join a group or club, do puzzles, learn something new, take up a musical instrument or photography, start painting, do something fun, listen to comedians, speak positive affirmations to ourselves daily. Eat fruits and vegetables. Walk, exercise, or dance to our favourite songs… but MOVE, our health depends on it!

Make goals, it’s encouraging. Start a project. Be a pen-pal to someone far away, or in prison. When we are alone too much, we lose our value and purpose… but know this, we are needed… somewhere… by someone… Find them!

If we don’t go away often, just get outside every day for at least 5 to 10 minutes, breathing deeply, and getting the sun on our skin, this causes it to make vitamin D. Did you also know facing the sun with closed eyes lets the brightness into our brain, which combats depression? Win! Win!

I wanted to find a group to paint with again and my daughter told me if I couldn’t find one, to start one! So, on January 2nd, I posted for a local art group and said if there isn’t one, could we start one… The next night I had over 50 replies. There is a need out there, don’t be afraid to reach out… we’re made to work together. Community! Don’t be lonely.

Update… I haven’t lost more weight, but I’m still feeling more energetic, flexible, and I’m toning up. Dancers’ exercises, Pilates, and Qigong are wonderful workouts and quite easy. Try them!

Remember, a healthy planet starts at home!

Join me next month in my journey and for more inspiration!

For questions and feedback: debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you! ☺