The Heart Chakra: Emotional, Physical & Energetic Well-being

Fair Lady Crimson Diane K Wilson

By Diane K. Wilson

Always listen to your heart, because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right.

-Nicholas Sparks

 Visualize your whole life & what consumes a significant part of it? Matters of the HEART – the FEELING of HAPPINESS.

 When we are children, certain things hold importance: safety, comfort, our first kiss, making friends, getting a pet, our dreams, approvals & making others happy, etc. As we age, other aspects may gain importance: finding true love & being loved, expressing love, finding your tribe, understanding, & compassion, etc.

 When those close to us express sadness or are upset, these emotions transfer & impact energies to us & others within their field. To make those loved ones feel better & attempt to restore natural balance, we may hug, kiss or rub them. However, over time, unaddressed imbalances can occur & lead to issues in our physical bodies that need to be cleared.
Let’s explore more of the “why.”

Properties: “To Love”
Controls: Love, Self-Acceptance

On an energetic level: the heart can look black from hurt or unresolved emotional pain. The Heart Chakra will attempt to balance itself by ‘taking’ energies from the Solar Plexus & Throat Chakras. This will impact your heart, gut, plus communication & expression. According to the science of Brain-Heart Coherence, what is in your heart guides the brain & therefore, your whole system.

Function: Governs human love & humanitarianism. Damage to the heart chakra affects our ability to love & relate to others.

Balanced benefits can be: Ability to love & exhibit compassion, emotionally stable, empathetic, able to forgive & forget, self-acceptance, self-love, self-respect, embraces creative sparks, functional reproductive system.

Corresponding areas of the body: heart, lymph, circulatory system, blood, rib cage, lungs, diaphragm, thymus, esophagus, arms, head, shoulders, centers of any nurturing & compassion.

Physical symptoms of imbalance can be: heart &/or circulatory problems, high blood pressure, respiratory problems, immune system problems, reproductive system.

Psychological symptoms of imbalance can be: difficulties with relationships, addictions, lack of compassion, negativity or pessimism, loneliness, insecurities, overly critical, demanding, possessive, codependent.

If you feel you have issues with your Heart Chakra, reach out to me for an Energy Session or Product. Together we can succeed!

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