Spending a Day with Ourselves

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta, Healthy Planet Staff Writer

We often think about our past selves and think about how time has passed, and how we have changed over time since at one given time we were once a child. Undoubtedly, the cycle of life is inevitable since we are going to age as time passes by where we then reflect on our past selves to remember the person we once were.

Then our past will merely become a memory and the unfortunate issue with this is that we can only remember so much of the person that we used to be, and time will slowly make those memories fade away.

Not only do we look back into the past trying to remember our past self, but we also wonder about the person that we will be in the future. What will I look like? Who will I be around? What kind of person will I be? Would I like my future self?

Despite wondering and having all these questions, what if we did have the opportunity to spend a day with our past selves or our future self? What would that look like, and which version of yourself would you pick to spend the day with, or would you even choose to take this opportunity?

Imagine being able to walk side by side with a version of yourself and ask all the questions that you have. What questions would you ask and why? Because the questions that we want to ask reflect something that is deep inside us that is affecting us in the present.

If we want to see and ask questions to our younger self and ask about recalling certain memories then that could indicate that we feel like we have a part of ourselves missing that we want filled. If we want to spend the day with our future self and see how we are and where we end up, it could mean that we are scared of where we might end up, the person we might be, but why is that if that is the case? In being concerned for our future it indicates that something is concerning us in the present that causes us to worry for the future.

Our curiosity and questions merely show us a part of ourselves that we want answers to. The version of ourselves that we choose to spend the day with and how we would choose to spend it provides insight into the present and what we currently are feeling.

At this time, we are only able to live in the present and be that current version of ourselves where the best way to control our future is through the decisions that we make in the present, so it is important that we make an effort to be the version of ourselves that we want to be that any version of ourselves overtime can be proud of.