Our Only Life Purpose Lives Inside of Us

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

We tend to search for a life purpose and look for answers as to what it could be since without having a life purpose we tend to feel a void inside of us that we wish to fill, but often we believe that in order to fill that void it is through accomplishing goal-based achievements.

The goals that we are accustomed to making are usually centered around working, being the best at something, or even through being able to buy material items. However, every goal that we accomplish there tends to be a next goal in mind to achieve, in order to avoid feeling the emptiness of not knowing what our purpose is. Within time those goals become fewer and fewer until there is no possibility of creating more goals to achieve, and at that point we come to a stand still wondering what other purpose we could have.

Life does not care about what we achieve, but what we put out into the world through our heart, and rather life is an experience that should be lived through our heart. Not something to be solved thinking that we need to find the answers to the meaning of life, or measuring our purpose through goal-based achievements.

The world around us begins to have meaning once we choose to act through our heart by showing empathy, compassion, kindness, and love to one another instead of focusing on what achievements we can accomplish within our lifetime.

When we learn that our heart and the hearts of others is what gives life a purpose we learn to stop measuring our purpose through short term goals, and we realize that there will always be another goal to try and substitute that void, but it will never satisfy us.

Our heart is what gives us a purpose because it reminds us of our humanity and that there is a world outside of us, as we are here to make a difference in the world through touching the lives and hearts of one another through our kindness.

Life is meant to be experienced through our heart because our heart does not think, it feels and acts within the moment, so once you choose to open and act from your heart that is when you will be aligned with your life purpose, through simply being human.