Blessed to be Busy

Christina Staff

Sitting Down to a Full Plate

By Christina Staff,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

“I think you’re a person who’s happiest and functions best when you have a full plate.” He wasn’t talking about holiday meal portions, but instead the figurative plate of projects and tasks we all sit down to at the table of life. At times, it is a plate continuously heaped with serving sizes which seem outside our capacity to finish. Is the plate too full? Did we take on more than we can chew? Before you wish for a lighter plate, remember… one day, you’re going to miss this.

As the years grow shorter, yet that plate fuller, those carefree days without a list of tasks to complete are few and far between. But, that’s okay, and I’ll tell you why: being busy is a bit of a blessing. It gives you reason(s) to stay motivated; you are being productive and living with purpose; and, when you are busy with your own personal growth and goals, you are less likely to overthink and give energy to things that really don’t matter.

As much as I may long for a day to simply sit in the quiet doing nothing, I know that is not what is best for my mind. There was a period when I would try to schedule “downtime”; time I felt was necessary to “recharge.” All that did was make me lose momentum. Essentially, I would feel less charged, not recharged, and I’d only be borrowing happiness from the following day when life was tougher than it needed to be.

Call me a nerd, but there is something deeply satisfying about scratching items off a to-do list. Whether it be on your phone, Post-It note, or dry erase board on your refrigerator, being productive is one way to live with purpose. Creating lists and schedules are also excellent organizational tools to keep ahead of what is coming, versus feeling like you are always running to catch up. Running through your mind is exhausting. If you’re going to run, run at the gym or out with friends and at least burn some calories.

Living with purpose also means setting goals for yourself and working toward growth. There is always something new to learn; somewhere new to adventure; a habit worth learning or unlearning. Focusing on personal growth and practicing the mindset, “What can I accomplish today?” are helpful ways to keep your mind on a positive wavelength.

So overall, was he wrong? No, not even a little bit. Speaking personally, my mind feels most free when I stay productive, work toward goals, and expend energy toward things and people that matter. Though I may be tired at the end of a long day, I can relax into sleep knowing the day was filled with accomplishments that will make tomorrow easier, or get me closer to reaching another goal. Yes, life is busy. But, one day when I find myself sitting down to an empty plate, I’ll most likely miss the busy and be hungry for more.

Happy New Year! Make 2024 a year you appreciate a full plate.

About the author: As a freelance writer, Christina loves nothing more than providing readers with inspirational, positive, and relatable stories of success through tales of hard work and perseverance. Reach out through email at: christina@christinastaff.com.