Healthier Foods for the Holidays

Dr Gail Cloud

By Gail Cloud, D.C.

I thought I would talk a little bit about how to make healthier foods for the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas and Kwanzaa, Chanukah, etc. are holidays we celebrate during this time of year.

How can we cook, celebrate, enjoy, indulge some and still follow a basically healthy way of eating?

First of all, I plan ahead. I purchase a pasture raised Turkey which is a turkey that eats from a pasture, grasses, and not fed local feed and grains. The feed and grains contain the linseed oils and Omega 6s which aren’t as healthy. We tend to eat more omega 6 oils than we do Omega 3 oils and the imbalance creates a lot of the health issues we are suffering from these days: diabetes, fatty liver, constipation and diarrhea, stomach issues, heart issues, high blood pressure and such. So, pasture raised meats, or a duck are some alternatives.

Then, with mashed potatoes, I use much more broth than I do butter, and a small amount of milk or cream, or milk substitute. Instead of half a cup of butter in the potatoes, I put a couple of tablespoons per 4 large potatoes, and then broth and some alternative milk or alternative cream cheese. 

For the green beans here is what I do: I take a red onion, sliced, and I cook it on the stove until it turns brown and crispy….15 minutes so so. I steam the green beans, and then I add the crispy onions with some sliced almonds, and voila, a delicious green bean recipe without all the fat.

I have many more ideas and am happy to share them with you, like, in your desserts use monk fruit as your sugar instead of fake sugars or cane sugar. 

Feel free to reach out, schedule a session, and I am happy to help to make a happy and healthy holiday season. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?


I enjoy being your guide to your being your own agent of health.

Gail Cloud, D.C.
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