The Shadow that Looks Back

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

The shadow that we have is the part of us that we tend to forget exists because it holds our inner-flaws that we usually do not want to confront, so we decide to turn our backs to that aspect of ourselves.

Rather there comes a time in our lives where we tend to meet or are surrounded by people that have qualities that we are not fond of, and as people it is particularly easy for us to judge others, but sometimes those faults seem to strike us at our core. Then we tend to notice over time a pattern of coming across different people that have qualities that we despise, but we have to ask ourselves: why are we surrounded by these characteristics and why does it bother us so much?

The image that we have of ourselves can only go so far since we sometimes fail to see our own flaws, but life helps us to see those flaws by showing us the world that is inside us by mirroring our shadow through others, and often we find that we do not like the reflection that stares back at us.

Typically, the people that we are around are a mirror reflection of who we are deep inside that we choose to ignore, so now we have to ask ourselves when we are upset by someone’s qualities: why am I upset by this? Are they reflecting a quality that I have? Is their shadow my shadow?

Our world around us is a mere reflection of our shadow, as it is there to teach us to learn to face that shadow. Otherwise, we will continue to see our shadow in others since we subconsciously project ourselves onto others because it makes it easier for us to not take responsibility for our own inner-flaws.

Although, we do have to acknowledge that our shadow is not something we can detach from, and instead we need to learn to connect ourselves with our shadow in order to become whole.

Remember, you are in control of your shadow as you project the world that is inside you, and it is your responsibility to choose what that world looks like.