Saint Louis Welcomes UrbanSpa Mobile: Your Luxurious Wellness Spa on Wheels

UrbanSpa Mobile is changing how Saint Louis residents experience luxury wellness and relaxation. Divinity Cross founded this innovative concept from a successful kidney transplant and a desire to bring high-quality spa experiences directly to people’s homes and offices. UrbanSpa Mobile is now Saint Louis’ premier wellness spa on wheels, offering services designed to promote health and well-being.

The heart of UrbanSpa Mobile is a converted shuttle bus transformed into a tranquil oasis on wheels. It boasts all the amenities of a traditional spa, including curated Swedish and deep tissue massages with your choice of add-ons, including aromatherapy, warm stones, therapeutic massage guns, and cupping. The difference? UrbanSpa Mobile brings the spa experience to your doorstep at home or work.

One of the standout features of UrbanSpa Mobile is its commitment to sustainability. The spa has solar panels on top of the vehicle, ensuring a greener and more eco-friendly operation. This eco-conscious approach benefits the environment and aligns with the spa’s wellness philosophy.

UrbanSpa Mobile specializes in the health and wellness of women, providing a range of services designed to rejuvenate and restore. Each service includes the BioMat, a remarkable addition that combines far-infrared rays, negative ion therapy, and the healing properties of amethyst crystals. The BioMat enhances the benefits of the massage, making it a truly therapeutic experience.

The BioMat offers many health benefits, including stress reduction, improved sleep, relief from joint and muscle soreness, chronic neck and back pain alleviation, and assistance managing conditions like arthritis and inflammation. Clients can enjoy the healing BioMat during their massage session as a complementary addition, ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience.

UrbanSpa Mobile is all about convenience and accessibility. Instead of scheduling an appointment and traveling to a spa, you can simply step out of your house or office and indulge in a luxurious spa experience right at your doorstep. It’s on-demand wellness at its finest.

In addition to individual services, UrbanSpa Mobile offers small spa parties for 3-5 people and hosts small corporate wellness events. It makes it an ideal choice for those looking to treat themselves and their loved ones to a spa day or businesses seeking unique wellness solutions for their employees.

Founder Divinity Cross envisions UrbanSpa Mobile as a way to bring balance and well-being to the lives of Saint Louis residents. “We understand that life can be incredibly stressful,” she says. “Our goal is to provide a convenient and luxurious escape, helping individuals prioritize self-care and relaxation.”

UrbanSpa Mobile is not just a spa; it’s a mobile sanctuary dedicated to the health and wellness of its clients. With its commitment to sustainability, exceptional services, and accessibility, it’s no wonder it’s quickly becoming a beloved addition to the Saint Louis wellness scene.

For those searching for a wellness retreat without leaving their home or workplace, UrbanSpa Mobile is the answer. Experience the future of wellness today by booking your mobile spa session. Visit the UrbanSpa Mobile website to learn more and make a reservation. Your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation is just a click away.

For booking information and more details, please visit www.urbanspamobile.com or call 833-785-8722.