Stored Memories

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

It is very important to tell our stories and our secrets, or to give them air in some form.  Otherwise, they end up festering inside of us. In most families, there are secrets which go to the grave with them. 

Did you know that when our old hurts are buried and/or not talked about, not given air, that this affects our body? Every thought we have, every memory, every event, is stored in our bodies….and becomes part of our conscious and unconscious. Those events and memories in which we were hurt, not heard or seen, where we hurt others, even inadvertently, are stored in every cell in our body. This is why sometimes, a thought will come up or someone will say something to us, or we find ourselves overreacting to the stimuli at the present time, and we may have no idea why we are feeling or acting the way we are. And more importantly it seems as if we have no control over how we are feeling or behaving. At those moments we may be reacting to a stored memory…. maybe one which we buried or were too young to have any words to help us understand what had happened. Where do they go? Eventually they affect our bodies in terms of: stomach issues, sensitivities, blood sugar problems like diabetes, heart issues, high blood pressure, even injuries. So it is important to get some help to help us understand our old relationships with our parents and caretakers, our siblings, for some of us our grandparents, etc.  As we talk and write and air out these old hurts which became stories we carry around with us, we give ourselves the gift of health. And we give our future generations freedom from carrying our old secrets.

To learn more about this, and to have a guide to give light and air to your issues and stories, contact me at: gail@bodypresencing.com., 314-995-9755.