Organized for Life! It’s a Wrap!

By Deb Powell, 
Healthy Planet Columnist

I hope you were encouraged and inspired by my organizing articles over the last year. I trust you made lots of progress, saved some money, and your life is now running smoothly.

This is my last article for ‘Organized for Life’. As much as I love writing them there are so many great organizers online that aren’t semi-retired like me but also love what they do, so I will step aside and let them guide you through this new journey in life.

Remember, if we’re organized, and look after ourselves, we’re able to take better care of our families and our environments. This saves us time, money, and we will be happier.

Some of the tips I offered were to help you: Have peace of mind, get your life and home organized, remember appointments, make housework easier, save money, let go of gifts guilt free that you didn’t like, want, or need, and have more time to enjoy life.

Did you take pictures of your ‘before and after’ so you could see your progress?

If you are new to this publication, here are some easy tasks to get you started and help develop new organizing habits: (from my first article)

  • Walk around and make a list of things or areas you want to organize, be specific, and detailed
  • Buy a planner and fill in all appointments, birthdays, events…
  • Get small to medium boxes for storage or take away
  • Have garbage bags and clear recycling bags
  • Sort photos – throw out bad/duplicates
  • Recycle newspapers/flyers/papers/recyclables
  • If you don’t have a hook or place for keys get one, even if it’s temporary
  • Stop buying unnecessary things… or too many sale items, put any money you would have spent into a jar to save, invest, or spend on something special

If you missed any of my articles you can see them on The Healthy Planet’s web site under Archives, and they will also be published online monthly for another year.

But most importantly – have fun!!! It feels good to get your life in order, so put on your favorite music and snap! The job’s a game! Still love Mary Poppins! ☺

See you in my new articles Inspirations for Life!

Questions and feedback welcome debmag04@gmail.com