What do you find hard to love?

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta, Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Our love for others is sometimes given unconditionally without any limitations. Still, we often limit the love we give ourselves based on the parts of us that we find hard to love since we tend to measure our worth depending on aspects about us that we believe are flawed.

Usually, as people, we are prone to admiring the characteristics that we inhibit that showcase our strength. While the parts of us that we find hard to love tend to stem from characteristics that we believe show signs of weakness.

Particularly, the characteristics that we often view as signs of weakness are that we feel that we love too hard too fast, or trust others too easily. Along with viewing our emotional scars as a damaged image of us that is unlovable, and what we define to be weak characteristics causes us to not appreciate those aspects about us. Typically, these characteristics are aspects of us that showcase our humanity and our experiences taught us that showing our humanity is a weakness since it had led to us getting hurt.

Rather we need to remember that our humanity is what makes us who we are and it helps to shape our being of existence. The parts that we find hard to love about ourselves are only a piece of us that we can choose to either learn to love or can change.

We may believe that we have a faint of heart and that we cannot learn to love all parts of us, but others find beauty in our “weaknesses” which serves to be a mirror reflection for us to take the time needed to see the beauty that is within us that we often disregard.

Ultimately, the parts of us that we find hard to love requires us to be kind to ourselves, as we are still learning to admire aspects about us that we have yet to see until it becomes visible to us.

This new sight of vision is bound to come and it will leave a profound impact on us as we will be able to see a new realm of beauty that had not been known before, but had been inside us all along waiting to be unearthed for us to love and admire.