Creating Your Own Memories

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Memories are a window for us to relive the highlights of our life that have stuck out and have left an impact on us. The memories that we have can be made to provide us with the ability to look back onto the past and to see great moments within our lives that we have experienced, so it is essential that we live out the experiences that we want to live through.

Through being able to look back at our memories it allows us to see what we have experienced in our lives, and we are able to relive those moments through reminiscing on those experiences.

At times we forget to live in the present and sometimes we allow time to pass us by as it slips our mind how short life can be.

Unfortunately, we can never take back the time that passes by us but our memories help us to reflect on the past, which serves as a reminder for us to value living in the moment because once time flies away we will never be able to relive those moments, and those moments will only ever be alive again in our memories.

The memories that we have are an encapsulation to who we are and what we value in life, so it is important to create the memories that we want that are able to reflect our sense of identity by being able to create the life that we want for ourselves.

Time will inevitably pass us by whether we anticipate it or not and the memories we make are the only way for us to see the life that we have lived. We only have one opportunity to live life and it should be spent experiencing the things in life that bring us joy, in order to one day look back on in the future to see that we spent time making our vision of life into a reality.