Organized for Life! Mid-summer Fun!

By Deb Powell, Healthy Planet Columnist

One more month of summer! Beaches, golfing, garden markets, events, pool parties, vacations, barbeques, ball games, camping, luscious produce…

It’s time to start getting organized for September, but don’t stop having fun, summer isn’t over yet!

Here is a short list to check your progress.

Planning for canning! Is your garden harvest or local market food plentiful enough to save some for a rainy day? Canning, freezing, or pickling is a sure way to get healthier food and save money. How about drying your own fruit and veggies for healthy snacks?

Have a real good look at what you used this summer and what you never took out of the garage or basement… maybe it’s time to sell or donate those items.

How many clothes, shoes, purses… did you not wear or use this season? No point storing them for another year. Support your local thrift store, women’s shelter, single moms’ groups…

What summer dishes, glasses, cutlery, juice pitchers, picnic baskets… were just not right for your needs or entertaining… may as well pack them up and find a good home for them too☺

Some people have parties and bring unused items for trading or giving to family and friends. How about adding it into your next barbeque or pool party invitation?

Next month is back to the regular routine (in many countries), but it can be really hectic so plan well and don’t overload your schedules… decide what activities you want to get involved in. Be sure to remember local functions, birthdays, weddings, school or work events… don’t overbook or life gets too stressful.

Time to review your plans and bucket list… have you stayed on track? Have you rested as much as you’d wanted? Have you done the fun things that were a priority? It’s not too late to change or add to them.

Join us next month for more organizing tips on ‘getting back into the swing of things’, and ‘reflections over the past year of organizing’.

I hope my articles have helped you become more efficient and your life is now running smoother. Have fun! ☺

For organizing questions and feedback email me at debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.