Founder’s Forum: This Truth is Self-Evident

JB Lester

By J.B. Lester

I just got back from a walk at 9:30 a.m. and it’s already 85 degrees and feels like 94 degrees with the heat index (which combines actual temperature and humidity). It’s safe to say it’s darn hot outside. In fact, June 2023 was the hottest June on record nationally. I know it’s silly to even have the climate change debate anymore. Almost everyone has come to the conclusion that greenhouse gases are the major factor in global warming. But there are still those naysayers, mostly Republicans who have an interest in the fossil fuel industry, who can still find one outlier scientist who says global warming is just another cycle in Earth’s climate history. Reminds me of the tobacco industry which went to great lengths and financial encouragement to find medical doctors who years ago said smoking didn’t cause cancer. I find it hard to believe that these people continue to put cash before conscience. But they have done so for years and years, whether it be the tobacco industry, fossil fuels, exploding car gas tanks or even trying to debunk the effectiveness of vaccines for deadly viruses.

I sometimes wonder what makes a rational person turn to conspiracy theories. I suppose some will do what it takes to support their argument. Motives which are sometimes religious, sometimes political, but seems to me that most conspiracy theories are based in fear. Fear is one of the greatest motivators. It creates a call to action like no other emotion. When someone’s back is against the wall (or they are led to believe they are against the wall), they will come out fighting. It’s a normal survival act. But with the amount of misinformation being disseminated these days, it is a wonder we are all not cowering in the corner of our bedrooms. And the odd thing is, some would have you not worry about the “real” catastrophes like global climate change, and then make you believe that vaccines will actually hurt you instead of save your life or that we are being controlled by the “deep state”. This twisted messaging is creating a split in our society. We have a former president who has been indicted twice (so far), impeached twice, testified against by most of his former White House staff, and yet is still the leading candidate of the Republican party for the nomination for President in 2024.

It all boils down to what you believe and what you want to believe. Some of us believe that “truth” matters. No one is above the law. But my truth may not be your truth. That is where the whole thing breaks down. Who decides “truth”? We have a constitution that has laid out laws for us to follow, and yet some take and bend that document like a pretzel in order to prop up their personal or political views. The Bible and other religious writings have contributed to our laws and “truths” and yet those wishing to see only their side, interpret those words to suit their needs.

We do have many good people in this world. In fact, they greatly outnumber those wishing to create chaos out of fear. But the vocal few can scream the loudest and history has shown us that fear can create leaders who have no time for “Constitutions” or “Bibles.” They only seek control and power, and that movement is born out of misinformation (propaganda). The silent majority needs to step up and do whatever it takes to squelch this era of lies. We need to find leaders who put truth and freedom before politics. But first we need to take a good look at ourselves and figure out why we allow fear to control our lives. This world has its problems but nothing we can’t overcome once we find that some “truths” are indeed self-evident as our forefathers wrote. “A fact or situation that is self-evident is so obvious that there is no need for proof or explanation.” One plus one is two. It’s getting hotter! Oceans are rising! Speak to truth to power!