Inspirations for Life! Milestones!

By Deb Powell,
Healthy Planet Columnist

First milestone reached! I’ve lost 20 pounds!!! It feels great! But I think the side effects are even better!

I feel younger and happier every day. My heart rate and blood pressure are down, I’m more agile, I walk easier and faster, my joints aren’t as stiff, and I feel like I’ve lost 50 pounds! Eating right really does affect our thoughts, mindsets, and bodies. EAT GOOD! FEEL GOOD!

Putting my health before my weight has proven to be the best decision. It takes the stress out of worrying and feeling guilty about every bite. It’s evil what’s being done to our food; most of it isn’t even food anymore. Do your research. My theory is: If it has a label, don’t eat it!

Write down your goals, then break big goals into small goals, they’re easier, and not so overwhelming.

Eating non processed food helps our environment too, as the less we buy, the less will be manufactured.

Don’t beat yourself up if you fall off track. Get back up and keep going. Break the day into quarters so you can get back on track in a few minutes or a couple of hours… or right now! Why wait until the next day!

When we eat slowly, one bite at a time, and chew a lot, food mixes with our saliva and this is the first part of the digestive system. We also feel full faster.

Breathing techniques are also great for health and digestion. Slow deep breathing (anytime) pulling tummy in on the exhale, massages the whole midsection, and improves digestion.

Mantras are the easiest way to reprogram our minds to make positive and healthy changes. Speak what you want to happen and your brain sends those messages to your body.

We need support from people in our life, but if you don’t have that, watch motivators online (there are lots of them), or come journey with me!

My vegan, mostly raw diet is simply:

Vegetables / Fruit / Hemp, chia, flax, and pumpkin seeds / Tahini / Nuts / Rice cakes / Salsa / Nutritional yeast / Peanut butter

My tea mix is made with dried herbs, plus berry teas, licorice, or a drop of vanilla stevia for sweetener. I don’t miss sugars at all!

Remember, our WANT has to be BIGGER than anything else!

Join me next month for updates and more inspirations!

For questions and feedback: debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!