Good People Doing Good Things: Jennifer Cobb

Jennifer Cobb

By Susan Hunt-Bradford, Healthy Planet Publisher

Jennifer Cobb’s list of accomplishments is more than impressive. I knew she was the perfect candidate for Good People Doing Good Things. Her notable achievements include:

NFL Super Bowl Cheerleader Alumni

Producer “House of Arms” movie

Award-winning children’s book author: “Cheer for Care”

Founder Team Gateway to a Cure

VIP Fox Representative for the Michael J Fox Foundation and Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center

Ms. Super Fitness, Fittest Woman in America

SHB: What is your current job?

JC: CEO and President of Team Gateway to a Cure. Mother to three great children, Alyssa, 21, Zach, 16, and Will, 14. 

SHB: What type of volunteer work do you do?

JC: I’ve been volunteering for over 20 years. Being in the NFL, we are contracted to do community service as part of our job requirements. It requires us to be out in the community, which lead to starting Team Gateway to a Cure. That is a 501(c) that supports caregivers and their loved ones with Parkinsons Disease. 

SHB: What are your hobbies?

JC: Running and cooking have always been a joy, but lately, it has been pickleball. I also enjoy self-improvement, helping myself grow to become a better version of who I am each day.

SHB: What is your personal philosophy?

JC: People may not remember what you did or said, but they will always remember how you make them feel.

SHB: Why help others?

JC: Why not? It’s human nature to serve, and so many people may not say they want help or need help. But you know, as you serve, it helps you become more grateful for who you are and what you have while helping others.

SHB: What is your personal goal for the future?

JC: My personal goals for the future are to leave a legacy that my children will remember when I leave and spend the rest of eternity with my heavenly Father. My children will remember that I was more than their mother. I served and helped make a difference for caregivers caring for loved ones in the home.

SHB: Who inspires You?

JC: Two people inspire me; God and my family. Specifically, my dad, who is one of the hardest workers, and not one day went by where he ever complained. He always said by the time you’re done complaining, the task would have already been done.

SHB: What does a typical day look like for you?

JC: A typical day for me is to wake up very early to take care of the things that make Jen the best for the day. Then tending to breakfast, getting the kids off to school, and me working. The second half of my day is spent caring for the children with homework and activities. When my head hits the pillow, I go through my grateful devotions and how grateful I am for all the many blessings I have.

SHB: How long have you been inspiring others?

JC: I have been inspiring others pretty much my whole life. I have that type of personality.

SHB: What did you learn about being a motivator?

JC: One of the great observations I have learned over the years as a motivator is that every one of us has, deep down in our unconscious state, a desire to help others and to instill the desire to motivate, to achieve our personal goals. 

SHB: Is there a particular moment or memory that stands out?

JC: One specific memory that stands out for me was pretty amazing: when I was with the St. Louis Rams cheering for them. At the time, they were the worst team in the NFL. I went to Maui, Hawaii, and returned with the “Fittest Woman in America” title. The media went crazy. Having the fittest woman in America cheering for the worst team in the NFL. The coach commented, “Maybe Jen should be out there coaching you fellas.” The next year we won the Super Bowl! I’m not saying there was anything about me that led to that victory, but maybe it was a conscious/unconscious motivation to push more drive and motivation in the minds of the players. It’s amazing how we all can help motivate each other through our behavior and examples. 

To learn more about Jennifer’s charity, Team Gateway to a Cure, go to www.teamgatewaytoacure.org or their Facebook page: Team Gateway to a Cure.