Who Did I Used To Be

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud

Who did I used to be

Certainly I used to be somebody

As I get older and old enough to join the purple hat club

With my full head of gray hair

I notice that people look at me differently

Doors get opened graciously

And I no longer am looked at as someone who is somebody

I am looked at as someone who might have been

What she was, no one knows

Can they see I was a dancer

That is something they probably can’t answer

Can they see I was a mother and a wife

Does that even count as others look at my life

Can they see I am a doctor, because once you are one you are always a doctor

And would they even know the type

Or am I now just an archetype

Does being an astrologer count

What does one look like anyway

In younger ones eyes, does that even amount to anything of importance

Yet being someone is all of our inheritance

Is it enough to just be

Not necessarily somebody of monetary success and power

Or some transient professional of the hour

But someone who lived and loved and felt and experienced and failed and 

worked and succeeded and had friendships and loves 

I was somebody and now embody all that I am

And that is enough for me

We are all somebody. Sometimes it is difficult for us to realize our purpose and to recognize our gifts much less utilize them.

Do you recognize your worth? Even being “just a mother and partner”, for example, is doing great work and has great value.

If you would like to take a closer look at your gifts and value and your life’s purpose, reach out to me and we will set up a session and explore your gifts and purpose through many lenses. One of the lenses is through the work of Family Constellations, and another is through the lens of what our astrological charts show us.

Contact me at: gail@bodypresencing.com., or call me at: 314-9959755 and let’s work together.