Color Me Red, Color Me Blue: Red Light and Methylene Blue Therapy May Save Your Life

Dr Simon Yu

By Simon Yu MD

The Color Spectrum Therapy has been known since ancient times for medical incurables but not well known in the chemistry based, pharmaceutical dominant Western Medicine. When in doubt, let the patients get out of the cave or out of the dark room and expose them to sunlight, or heliotherapy and cosmic rays. The average healthy person needs full spectrum sunlight plus cosmic rays. An unhealthy person needs additional specific color spectrum light to promote healing. I wrote on this subject in 2010, Color Me Blue, Color Me Red: Biocybernetics and Color Medicine Conference in St. Louis.

Colors have been used for medical therapeutic purposes since ancient times. There are assignments of colors to certain organs, functions or conditions in the teaching of Ayurvedic Medicine with the Chakra system and Traditional Chinese Medicine with acupuncture meridians. Each color spectrum has its own frequency, wavelength, pitch and each organ responds to a certain wavelength, chakra and color frequency.

According to Franz Morell, MD from Germany, who wrote, The MORA Concept, it is less well known in Western Medicine that colored light is of vital importance to life. Small animals, which were kept in total exclusion from light, became ill or died, although they had been fed well and had sufficient space to move around. Since then, many articles have been published on biophoton therapy or photon-dynamic color therapy, including low level intravenous (IV) color laser therapy. Among the many color therapies on the market today, these two distinct color therapies are promising, simple to use, low cost, and have high potential for medical benefits: Red Light Therapy and Methylene Blue dye.

Red and near infrared light therapy devices have been FDA-approved for several purposes to date, including pain relief, wound healing, anti-aging, hair loss reversal, acne treatment, fat loss, etc. Methylene Blue (methylthionium chloride) was first synthesized in 1876 to stain wool textiles, and in 1880, microbiologist Robert Koch pioneered the use of methylene blue for staining cells and microbes. During World War II, methylene blue was given to soldiers as an antimalarial drug, until it was replaced with the patented drug, hydroxychloroquine, which is based on methylene blue dye. The primary ways methylene blue benefits the body is its role as a nitric oxide inhibitor and estrogen antagonist; thyroid function is increased, and the body benefits from increased metabolic rate and energy production.

Combining Red Light therapy and Methylene Blue dye color therapy are relatively cheap, synergistic adjunct therapies to IV UV light/Ozone therapy. Prevention and Healing will add a Nordic Health Solutions Red Light Therapy Bed in July. This light bed has the most scientifically proven health benefits of red light therapy, combined with near infrared frequencies. For more information, go to https://nordichealthsolutions.com/nordic-health-solutions-red-light-photobiomodulation-therapy-bed/.

I recommend two books, The Ultimate Guide to Red Light Therapy by Ari Whitten, and The Ultimate Guide to Methylene Blue by Mark Sloan. These therapies may save your life, or the life of a loved one.

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