A Summer Day at the Beach

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

Summer is officially here! The heat is setting in with the sun shining its beaming rays onto our skin. This time of year is filled with endless opportunities as we reach half way through the year wondering what else the future has for us to unfold.

When the heat is out it becomes the perfect time for us to take a trip to the beach to take a refresher by having the sun cleanse our soul and body through its warmth.

At the beach there are endless experiences to feel like the grainy sand touching our skin, and the sand hiding endless treasure beneath us waiting to be uncovered. When we dig into the sand there are seashells that the ocean is gifting us, showing us the endless beauty of opportunities that are around us, but we just need to dig around to find it.

Even the seaweed that we accidentally step on that tangles around our feet that we struggle to take off serves as a reminder that once we do remove it, that no matter how messy our life can feel at times it will always untangle and everything will turn out to be okay.

While swimming in the waves of the ocean we begin to move beyond the bounds of land that we are accustomed to, and we enter a new realm of possibility. When we are in the ocean there is so much to discover like rocks, shells, and even shark tooths that we have the chance to take with us to remind us of the endless joys of summer.

All parts of the day at the beach can be enjoyed like when the sun is setting and the sun is beginning to vanish to make room for the moon to come out. Where we see the sky transition into a colorful art palette. Then to a mystical dark sky with the moon rising with its stars.

Despite not being able to see the rays of the sun anymore the moon and the stars shine through and reflect its light onto the waves of the ocean. While the stars show all the possibilities of the world’s vast choices of paths that we can take and touch, but only if we are brave enough to reach for them.