Founder’s Forum: We Need Two Fresh Teams To Rally Around

JB Lester

By J.B. Lester

As an independent, I used to think what we need to break this political logjam in Washington is a third party. But I came to my senses. As tempting as it sounds, the reality is it would only add to the chaos, as members of both main parties would try to coerce and lobby the third partiers into supporting their agendas. We don’t need more politicians; we need less turmoil, avarice and pomposity.

There was a time when we knew what the Republicans and Democrats stood for. The GOP supported a smaller federal government, fewer taxes and a strong defense. Dems supported minority rights, universal health care and government safety nets. It was easier to pick your side. Then Trump came along, and he captured the hearts and minds of the disenchanted, the remnants of the Tea Party. Overnight, traditional Republican conservatives were now Rinos (Republican in Name Only). Trump’s political plan was to create chaos and break down national institutions. This played well with the disenchanted and Tea Party leftovers. The Republicans adopted a platform of Trump’s name calling and bullying. It worked well in the early debates as Trump thumped his rivals with criticisms and personal attacks.

Republicans were as shocked as anyone when he beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. Democrats only have themselves to question for only putting one candidate up for election. Hillary had big negatives and Trump jumped on them. Trump’s game plan that had taken out his rivals with bullying, lies and name calling, was still a winning game plan and he became president. The Republican party has been reeling ever since. They have lost their identity beyond Trump. The GOP needs to find a new path forward. Trump has done nothing but lose since he left office. His legal future is bleak. And the Democrats are putting their bet on another single candidate as Biden is running again. The country wants newer, younger candidates from both parties, but are they listening to the people? No. If Trump is not in jail before November 2024, he will be the Republican nominee. There is a small chance the Republicans will wake up from their Trump trance, but don’t bet on it. No one wants to wish any ill will for President Biden before the election, but I can tell you, age is an issue for anyone in their 70s and 80s.

Our two main parties make it easy for the electorate to call for a third party when the choices are much less than what they prefer. Both parties have an opportunity to inject new life into their futures, but alas, they will not. But still, a third party is not the answer. The answer lies in politicians becoming statesmen and stateswomen and rising above the need for power. But that might be just too naïve on my part. Our political system is on life support and there must be someone out there that can shock us back into reality. And polls show the public doesn’t feel that’s Trump or Biden.

Both parties need a new game plan. They need to put teams on the field that we can cheer for, rally around and vote for with trust in our souls and hope in our hearts.