The Choice is Ours

Dr Gail Cloud

By Dr. Gail Cloud, DC

It can be a choice to feel happy
And can be a choice to be healthy
Even when we are dealt cards that seem to stealthily undermine us
Like a genetic condition that hits us without our volition
Or an accident or a sudden stroke
That on the surface acts to provoke us

It is how we approach ourselves and our history
How willing we are to search deep inside
Even when we are beside ourselves
To have the compassion and courage to sometimes put aside our pride
And see how we can be the best we can possibly be
Accepting our weaknesses and our strengths
To work with the resources we have and go to great lengths
So we are able to choose
Even with the ways we may have been or feel abused
And do the work to find happiness and health
Which truly is our wealth
the choice is ours

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