Can Energy Therapy REALLY work?

We live in a world where we THINK we are invincible. We can just Google EVERYTHING for a resolution. Right?! We will just ‘be fine’… somehow. Wake up, eat, work, take care of many demands, then lie in bed scrolling for a tiny, temporary hit of dopamine. Repeat.

But we don’t feel like ourselves. Monkey Mind. Brain Fog. Anxiety. Can’t make great decisions. Miscommunications. Eating our feelings. Eat but are never full. Giving compassion to everyone but feeling fatigued even though we are trying our hardest. We try a quick fix and wonder why we still don’t remedy the problem. Furthermore, we may visit a doctor, they test and say “Nothing’s wrong, tests were negative”. You leave unresolved, don’t know where to turn plus don’t have the time to endlessly research. Reality: the state of imbalance still exists.

I have worked in pharmaceuticals and I know for a fact there are other remedies that have efficacy with no negative side-effects. Often a positive treatment can be much more basic and corrected by energy work in our energy field.

Energy therapy is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that works by rebalancing the body’s energy field (biofield). Our body has a natural energy flow that can become blocked or disrupted, leading to physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances. Energy therapy techniques clear these blockages and promote the smooth flow of energy, enhancing the body’s natural healing processes.

Energy therapy = a state of deep relaxation. When our body is relaxed, it can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for restoring our body to a state of balance and reducing the effects of stress. This relaxation response can lead to physical and emotional healing to promote overall well-being.

Furthermore, energy therapy can work through the power of intention and the relationship between the practitioner and client. Some research indicates that the intentions and beliefs of the practitioner can influence our energy field and promote healing. The positive relationship and trust between the practitioner and client can also contribute to the effectiveness of energy therapy.

Many people have very positive experiences and benefits from energy therapy, indicating that it can be an effective treatment. So, try it out – it may be the best thing you have done for yourself!

Be strong and together we can succeed!
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Diane K. Wilson