Becoming an Active Member In Our Community

Jasmin Acosta

By Jasmin Acosta,
Healthy Planet Staff Writer

The foundation to upholding and building up a community is through selflessness and kindness, which stems from actively participating in helping the people around us, as a community cannot function without us acknowledging that we are inherently a member in it held together through understanding that we are all connected to one another through our experiences.

We all go through similar experiences that impact us where at times we wish that there was someone there to have helped us during those times, and this causes us to have empathy to understand that everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.

However, we have difficulty asking for help since we are expected to have to fight our own battles despite barriers in life at times being a team effort to be able to overcome. When we understand that it helps to be selfless, it promotes us to spread kindness to those around us on the basis that we understand what it feels like to struggle, and want to alleviate that stress for someone else as we wish someone would have done for us.

Connection within a community is sustained through being able to have empathy for the people around us and their struggles. The foundation of kindness within our community is based on the fact that we place an emphasis on helping one another, which causes the cycle of kindness to continue and become contagious.

If we choose to actively be focused on ourselves and our own needs while ignoring that other people have needs too and might need support from us it causes us to become isolated from everyone else as we begin to live in our own self absorption, which serves to dismantle our society.

On the other hand, in choosing to actively further build on the community’s foundation of generosity it helps for it to thrive through allowing every member to optimize their full potential of exhibiting compassion and empathy to create an environment that promotes for members to build meaningful relationships with one another.

In choosing to support those in need within our community as small as the act may be, it serves us to see the beauty in humanity through seeing how we are all connected to each other through our heart’s compassion despite at times being strangers.