Organized for Life: Let’s Get Outdoors!

By Deb Powell, Healthy Planet Columnist

We know every continent has different weather, since I‘m writing from a cold climate, I know that getting outside this month in the (hopefully) warmer weather is (like) a breath of fresh air. Let’s get prepared!

Wet Season

Last month we talked about getting the summer clothes out so don’t forget to plan for drying those wet rain coats, muddy boots, and dripping umbrellas. Boot trays near the door and hooks above them are good for this. Permanent hooks on the wall about a foot above the baseboard to hang shoes on is great too, and keeps them off the floor so no tripping over them. Scrunched up newspapers will dry the inside of boots/shoes overnight like magic!


April 22 is Earth day. We should be caring for our environment every day, so take it as a reminder if need be. Now is the time to get those seeds and seedlings ready. Cleaning up the gardens and lawns should be done now, not in the fall, as we’ve learned to leave last years’ plant stalks and fall leaves over the winter for insects and bees to hibernate in, because they are the first pollinators in the spring. They usually come out when it’s around ten degrees C, or fifty degrees F, so keep watch, and remember dandelions are one of their first foods. A tarp, sled, or bed sheet is great for throwing the old plants/leaves on when cleaning up. Then just drag it to the bush or compost pile.

Have small garden tools and accessories in containers with carrying handles and keep them with the rakes and shovels etc. Outdoor storage containers or sheds are handy and free up space in the house or garage. A kids wagon or sled, or a wheelbarrow, are perfect for moving stuff around the yard.

Along with planting trees, a pollinator garden, beautiful flowers and shrubs, plant lots of vegetables. Don’t forget fruit trees are a great addition to the beauty of your home and they produce delicious and nutritious food. The bigger the gardens, the more fruits, vegetables and flowers you’ll have, and the less grass to cut. Be productive! Save money! Make it pretty!

Outdoor Recreation

Enjoy lounging on your patio furniture that’s set up in your favorite spot whether sunny or shady, but don’t be afraid to move it around. Tip: If you love to be outside in the evening, have lots of white flowers as they are the only ones that show up at night.

Kids’ playthings can be put in one area or scattered around the yard. Containers or small sheds can also hold outdoor toys, that way kids can easily get them and put them away themselves.

Yard Sales

If you have any notion of setting up a yard sale, remember, if you have items that are worth more than the rest, research them so you know their value, then keep them separate, and price them fairly. More on this next month.

Now that we’ve organized the outdoors, join us in the May issue for organizing yard sales, vacations and more.

For organizing questions and feedback only, email me at debmag04@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you ☺